Lunch Menu A   7.00 per head

Lunch Menu B   9.50 per head


              Choice of Soup:                                                     Choice of Starter:


LA1.      Tom Yam Chicken    

LB1.      Skewered Grilled Chicken with Peanut Sauce

LA2.      Minced Pork & Scramble Egg Soup

LB2.      Spare Ribs in Spicy Plum Sauce

LA3.      Tom Kha Vegetable

LB3.      Thai Chicken Curry Samosa with Sweet Chilli Dip

LA4.      Sweet Corn Soup

LB4.      Crispy Sweet Corn Pancake



LB5.      Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls


                                             Choice of Main Course:


                              LM1.      Stir Fried Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

                              LM2.      Thai Green Curry Chicken with Coconut Milk & Sweet Basil

                              LM3.      Stir Fried Chicken with Vegetable in Satay Sauce

                              LM4.      Stir Fried Beef with Fresh Chilli & Holy Basil

                              LM5.      Thai Panang Curry Beef

                              LM6.      Stir Fried Duck with Ginger & Spring Onion

                              LM7.      Roast Duck in Fruity Orange Sauce

                              LM8.      Stir Fried Vegetable with Chilli & Holy Basil (V)

                              LM9.      Thai Red Curry Tofu with Vegetable (V)

                              LM10.    Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable in Oyster Sauce (V)


                             All dishes served with boiled rice or egg fried rice.